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Youth Program

Fall Kill Creative Works Youth Program

We believe that in learning to design and create everyday objects, our students learn the skills to design and create their futures. The Works' youth program is open to makers age 11-18, and teaches creative processes in printmaking, textiles, ceramics, storytelling, drawing, and design. Thanks to grant funding, this program is free to youth residing in the City of Poughkeepsie. Tuition is sliding-scale for youth from surrounding municipalities. 

Printmaking: Sessions in printmaking include a range of techniques both historical and modern from screen printing to block printing to etching. Students learn the role of print in their daily life and in history. Classes will cover applications of  mathematics and design, as well as color mixing and aesthetics. 

Clay: Sessions in the clay studio range from utilitarian pot making to sculpture. Students learn about glazes and chemistry, the historic uses of clay vessels, and contemporary applications. 

Textiles: The textile studio offers workshops in fashion design from fiber to fabric, including knitting, weaving, sewing, and dyeing. Students learn how to go from two dimensional to three dimensional forms, and about various kinds of fabrics and their uses. 

Storytelling: Storytelling workshops will cover writing exercises, story refinement, and poetry, to support participants who want to share their stories. 

Drawing and Design: All of the studios use drawing and design. In some sessions there will be an option focused specifically on drawing/designing/drafting skills and how those skills are applicable in all of the creative areas. These classes would use graphite, watercolor, colored pencil or marker. Students will learn techniques with these tools and their application. 

Youth workshops are progressive in skill development. Each session builds on past lessons with a goal of having the students able to work independently in the studio and participate in adult classes without additional mentoring.

Register for Summer/Fall 2020 workshops in the product link below. 

Email Jessica Murphy at with any questions. 

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