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Lace Scarflette

with Jaya Srikrishnan

March 7th - 21st

Saturdays, 10am-12pm

3 meetings

Glebe House


Don’t be intimidated by lace in knitting. This little lace scarf will teach you a lot about lace in a small package. We’ll learn the difference between knitted lace and lace knitting while giving the gift of warmth all winter. This is the perfect project for that small skein of oh-so-expensive lace yarn.


Skills Learned: 1. Learn the difference between knitted lace and lace knitting 2. Learn how lace is created in knitting 3. Learn to track pattern rows 4. Learn to read your knitting 5. Learn to read a chart or knitted instructions 6. Learn what a lifeline Is and how to use it


Materials Needed: 1. 200 yds fingering or lace weight yarn – great project for leftovers; CYC 0 or 1 size yarn 2. US size 9 needle, circular or straight (length doesn’t matter for circular needle) 3. Smooth scrap yarn for lifelines (unwaxed dental floss works great) 4. Stitch markers 5. Tapestry needle 6. Scissors 7. Paper and pen for note-taking


Lace Scarflette (Sat 3/7-3/21)

$100.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price