Hand Building Beyond the Bowl

with Kayla Noble

February 20- March 27

Sundays, 10 am-12 pm

6 Meetings, Online


Together we will cover the basics of handbuilding, and how you can use these skills to create a plethora of objects! Of course, we will talk about mugs and bowls, but we'll also cover juicers, spoon-rests, baskets, and more!


You may use your own cone 6 clay or purhcase a bag from us for pickup. Work can be fired using the Works' Curbside Firing Service


About Kayla Noble: 

"I first began my journey with clay at the age of five. With one set of grandparents working as middle-school art teachers, and another one making a living as a potter, art was always a part of my life. I graduated in 2015 with a BFA in Ceramics from The State University of New York at New Paltz and have since completed a year-long residency at Taos Clay in Taos, New Mexico and currently have a studio practice in Newburgh, NY. My current body of work functions as an exploration of intimacy, connection, and communication; meditating on the power of touch.

I have taught a variety of skills and ages, and always enjoy the atmosphere of a classroom studio. Clay is such a dynamic and exciting material, and I relish in every opportunity to share my passion."


Non-member price: $170 + Firing fees 6¢/ in³ 

Member price: $153 + Firing fees 6¢/ in³ 



Hand Building Beyond the Bowl (2/20- 3/27)

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